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Sonic Says "If someone tries to Hack the views of your YTMND. That's is noo good!"


A new way to garner votes and views is to change the name of the site or to change the substance of the site to trick people into clicking the site and bumping it up to the top of the YTMND list. Since its inception and spread, the term "viewhacking" was coined for this practice and thus became the general phrase. The original person to do this, TDP, only did it to see how long it would take to get 100,000 views; he was successful, and the final version now lists the site's previous incarnations. However, several others followed after that, and has since become a fairly imminent nuisance. In November 2005, a group of users from the North Carolina State University forums led by the user 'justkeepthatinmind' artificially raised the number of views on their sites in order to get into the top 15 most viewed. When called on their actions by other YTMND users, they viewhacked their critics' sites as well in an attempt to confuse people. Such actions are generally frowned upon and subjected to low votes, much along with the practice of using misleading search terms or titles to attract viewers to a page. On rare occasion, the titles are updated to keep in relation to a site that has been only moderately changed, such as an update, fix, or response to attention.

In January 2006, Max deleted hundreds of users who had upwards of 20 alternate accounts that they were using to upvote/downvote theirs and other user's sites.

Once in a while, there will be an error in the system, and the "Top-15" will reset itself to the default alphabetical order. The user A-Z2 is near the top of the user list, and therefore occasionally gets several of his ytmnds in the daily "Top-15" at the same time this way.

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