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Gary, you need to leave me alone. Okay? The biggest troll YTMND has ever had edited my page and you are going to spend all day today giving me shit about that? Are you retarded? Or just asshole? Leave me alone. Stop sending me emails. Stop posting shit about me. Stop editing my page. Stop doing anything that involves me. Leave me alone.

Umfuld clearly suffers from some sort of mental disorder. He is paranoid and delusional. I have never edited "his page." Yet This is the second time he has edited this page. I point out that he meets the wiki criteria for a troll, and I get PM's filled with foul language. Another sign that he is a troll. Mr. Umfuld, Please leave ME alone sir! (and for the record, 3 hours in the afternoon is not all day)

I suggest Umfuld be added to the list of trolls. He has posted the same exact site, image sound and text, on multiple occasions. He uses multiple accounts to downvote users. He also has vandalized the wiki page. I have also recently received PMs from him with crude and foul language. I feel he meets the criteria of a YTMND troll. GaryGnu

Gary - cut the shit. Darthwang posted the same noise sites 100s of times. Same with Lacrossestar83 - still does it to this day. Any sort of troll/noise site they automatically upvote - whereas I downvote sites like that - But you have no problem with them? I don't use mutliple accounts to vote - seeing as I have dozens of obsessed queers like you watch every thing I do that's a ridiculous claim. And again - you have no problem with the 100s of people that I've caught cheating - including yourself - just me? I didn't vandalize anything - as I already explained Lacrossestar83 did it to me - after I undid his edit of my page I made a comment on his site letting him know it was not okay for him to edit - which he knew. He was just trolling. And it's very unlikely that I sent you an email - I may have replied to yours and I'm sure I used foul language because you don't deserve respect. You're a bitter child.

You even said "I stopped cheating with alts because of Umfold." I don't think a troll would put effort and sacrifice his own site scores - which I do big time - to try and get people to stop cheating and in your case forcing lame sites onto the front page. I do it because I'm one of the few people who cares. You don't. That's why you cheated for so long.

Leave me alone Gary. I caught you cheating - you're pissed. Join the club. Biggest one on YTMND. Doesn't make me a troll. So bite me, dumpy.

Bottom line - this wiki is like the one place that isn't ruined by trolls. In the past week Lacrossestar83 - a troll who's made 100 sites about me - edited my wiki page without permission.

Now you're on some sort of campaign against me here that is just a personal vendetta. Leave the personal vendettas out of the Wiki.

Unless you think BoobonChron should be listed as a troll. Because here's his alt:

Because of me he doesn't use that alt to upvote his own sites anymore. But he still posts the same site over and over - 24 times so far. And he only votes 5 - on sites that clearly don't deserve a 5.

Is he a troll? Because that's everything you say I do - you must want him listed as a troll too, right? Because if not you need to leave your personal vendetta out of the Wiki.

Oh yeah, that last thing you say makes me a troll - responding to your harassing email in a less than friendly fashion. No. That's not actually trolling. That's me telling someone to stop harassing me.

Stop harassing me.



Keep your personal vendetta against me off the wiki.

What would Lacrossestar83 have to do with me? I was a featured user. Look at his 1000s sites. Where exactly is the comparison? There isn't one. So shut up.

I spent like 2 days posting the same site because I knew it was good but that no one would get to see it because there are only trolls left now. Two days - weeks ago. And the site actually ended up getting a sponsorship and spawning a well received mini-fad. All the shit that goes through YTMND and you're going through all this shit over that? Bullshit. This drama caused by your bullshit personal vendetta against the guy who caught you cheating.

Stop mentioning my name on the wiki. Leave your personal vendetta out of here. If Max or whoever is in charge here wants to, then okay. But not you Gary. You're just a bitter prick who I caught cheating. Just leave me alone. You're 100% wrong on this - and the more energy I have to spend dealing with you the more pissed I'm going to get. It's fucking harassment and you need to leave me alone.

Getting a life would be a good first step.



Yeah I'm talking about an issue. You choose to make me an issue. You did that - not me. I'm responding to you wanting to list me as a troll. I've refuted your points, about me, - systematically. And your only response is to admit you don't know what you're talking about. Yup. You were wrong. Yup. You've wasted a lot of my time because you brought your lame vendetta against me to the wiki. Yup.

And it doesn't bother me in the least Gary - but when I say get a life or call someone an 'obsessed queer' it's because sometimes I'll make a comment on YTMND and within minutes someone, like you, will make an entire YTMND based on my comment. You just did that in fact! You just made a YTMND that's just a screen shot of my comment from only minutes before. That's harassment. That's obsession. That's queer. But that's okay... there. Leave it there. As pathetic as it is - if it's all you have to offer there - fine. But leave it there.

And this is your page, you want to delete what I've said go ahead. But you made me an issue. And it was bullshit. And you made me have to explain how wrong you were. You could save us both a lot of time in the future by just leaving me alone.




hey guys i really don't mind the downvotes on my shit sites. the fact is that i don't have the ability to do much more with my edits, but i try to leave funny comments and do jokes. umfuld and i definitely have different tastes and attitudes and skills, but you know what? i watched reruns of the batman series when i was a kid, and i still think they're awesome. way funnier than this christian bale shit. so let that be known, even if i (OMFG!) downvote one of those sites every now and then for being a direct rip.

i thought the wiki editing was all fun and jokes, and frankly i thought all the angst had subsided until today's bombshell.

let's all just have a cheese sandwich

(©2009 Lacrossestar83 04:34, December 16, 2009 (CST))




You don't tell me what to do on my page. You're trolling + you're gonna get banned + you just give my sites more attention every time you edit my profile. But it's not okay. Stop. You don't have permission to edit my page or my talk page. But you already know this - you are simply vandalizing the wiki.