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So you want to know why I hate YESYES?

OMG, where to start? YESYES is a terrble fad on so many levels. It was never a good idea. YESYES is bad for the PTKFGS fad. The fad is a joke killer. Whenever a clever PTKFGS is made, we all get a few laughs. But when a disgraceful YESYES is made, nobody's laughing anymore. YESYES repeats a previous fad and thus, the joke is dead.

Also, people contribute to YESYES because they had this alternate universe fad remake and PTKFGS is "taken". A PTKFGS is never taken. If you are not impressed with a current PTKFGS site, don't yield your site to YESYES and make it suffer. Keep it on PTKFGS. Were "Yakko Says" and "PTKFGS What is Love" the first fad remakes? NO! There was already a PTKFGS before them and there were many f**s who wanted them to change them to YESYES, but they turned them all down. Eventually, those sites became more popular than the ones before them. How the heck can we tell that there really is an "omg, internet" or a "Secret Communist Forest"? It's just what most people believe those fads are like in PTKFGS. If you made your fad remake YESYES, you can see that site drop down and never see the light of day. YESYES is the trash can of the PTKFGS fad.

And one of the most terrible injustices YESYES caused was when "YESYES: Secret Islamic" sites raided and terrorized YTMND. The only reason that stupid sub-fad got so popular was because of how easy it is to find a moon and star anywhere and because of how catchy that song was which is by the way: Swedish! Many poor victims fell into the evil hands of YESYES to make it more popular by being brainwashed with that Swedish song, but not me.

The point is, we don't need another alternate universe. YESYES serves no good purpose and we are better off only having a PTKFGS. YESYES is one of the reasons why PTKFGS is not as good as it use to be. And that's why I despise YESYES.


Yeah, there are some good PTKFGS that people will try to YESYES. But when there are already very established(EXAMPLE:omg,internet) there will be 50 thousand stupid "lmao, tacko beell dogg interwebs" which need to not be made. If PTKFGS gets crowded, people will hate it even more than if there actually are other universes. Then again, I respect your opinion and you should respect mine. That's how the internet should be, instead of badly typed insults and 50 thousand goatse picture posts.