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== About Me ==
I am a new (July 2010) YTMND user, and I plan to help YTMND to become a better place. Since I have neither the knowledge or skill to create good sites--though I do have the ideas--I plan to do this by working on a part of the site that has been neglected:the wiki.<BR>
I have recently become a wiki administrator. <BR>
[http://ytmnd.com/users/Westing1992/ This] is my profile, for what it's worth. I've only created one site so far, but you can check out my favorites. I tend to favorite classic [[Picture Sound Text|PST]] sites, some of them obscure, but I also like [[Faggy short film|FSFs]]. I enjoy simplicity but dislike randomness in YTMNDs.
At first, my experience with YTMND was marred with several [[User:Westing1992/Problems|problems]].
== Wiki goals ==
*General clean-up
*Expanding stubs
*Creating new pages; mainly for users and collections
*Placing articles into as many categories as I possibly can
*Adding more external links
*Deleting spam articles
*To help make the wiki easier to use (style-wise)
*Generally making the wiki complement YTMND.com
*Fad Category cleanup - have most pages in the subcategories only
*Add more pictures

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