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What the huh?

That was my reaction when someone on a message board made a thread called 'This Is For Umfuld' with a link to Batman: ualuealuealeuale. inside. I showed it to my brother who liked it even more than I did. He told me about the links back to YTMND which I had ignored and said I should check it out. We both signed up and started making bad sites. But as he has an actual life his site making never improved while mine, ever so slowly, did.


Not surprisingly my first site to get a lot of views was an Adam West site done in YTMND's Classic Style. I was very unfamiliar with the workings of YTMND at the time. I knew only that there was some box called Up and Coming and that was where you wanted your site to go. My site went there and stayed there all of 6 hours before it collected the 300 votes needed at the time.

But its success hurt it in a way. Because it did so well it was off the front page before it could become a top viewed (Top Rated This Week must not have been a box at that time). I really don't care about ratings very much but you need look no further than this site to see the dark side of YTMND. When it got its 300th vote my site had a rating of almost 4.70. In the year and a half since then it has dropped over .40.

In truth it's not that great a site. There was simply an alarming lack of knowledge about Adam West's Batman at YTMND. Most people still don't know it was a comedy and that Adam West was trying to make you laugh. But I like to think I've helped fill the Adam West's Batman void at YTMND.

Since I have pretty much every good line from the series memorized it was always pretty easy for me to pick a good one for a classic style site. Though I did show considerable restraint in waiting 5 months after my first popular site before I made Batgirl May Be In Danger. I knew that would be a monster and it is my top viewed site by far.

Yes I do know of many, many great lines from that show that would make good classic style sites. But people seem sick of it so I don't know if I will ever submit them. We'll see.

Circle Jerk

The first time I saw the term "Circle Jerk" used to describe a group of YTMND voters was when Max made a spiteful rant against the FPA on some site comment page. I thought it was funny and have been using it ever since. But rather than pick on the FPA (though they be true circle jerkers for sure), whose sites seldom get more than a couple of hundred views, I have targeted the biggest offenders of group upvoting on YTMND. Namely the Fourest, Dmaz, Fearcondom, Wisdom... oh, all the faggots from Masters of Nothing. We all know who they are. Apart from Fear and Crunster their sites are horrible yet each one scores better than Chunk Is Indestructible.

Since I became an active YTMNDer I have gone out of my way to insult and piss off any circle jerk group I perceive. To be honest the effect this has had on my scores is less than what I thought. But I mean, they ain't good or anything.

It really can't be denied that because of Circle Jerks YTMND is more of a Social Network site than anything else.

That's why I hate you all so very much. Because you've turned it into fucking Myspace.


So we all remember where we were the day we found out Umfuld became a YTMND featured user. But no really, I am touched that I was added as I don't think my scores really merited it. I have made a real effort to make better sites since.

I wasn't going to make any sites once I became featured but then realized that it's the only way I can have any real impact on the type of sites seen on YTMND. If I make an original joke and someone sees it and signs up to YTMND because of that - then it will be better than some idiot 12 year old signing up because he saw some stupid video game site that would be there in its place.

I've made three sites that are rated over 4 in the five weeks I've been featured and a couple of more that would have been if posted by almost anyone else.

So I'm pretty sure I can make sites people enjoy. But right now I'm torn between my wanting YTMND to become more active because I love it and secretly hoping it dies in a pit dug by its own gayness

Currently I'm using my Umfold profile to make more or less FPA style sites. Not trying to troll or anything. I have just finally accepted that these kind of sites, when done well, are a lot funnier than 99% of top rated sites.

also, SPORTS

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