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Leik all beginning forumers on the NSFW forums, he was called the fag, the horrible poster all that stuff.. but he still remained, and even began to start having some quality posts until he ran into the moderator named Adair. Because Adair was the biggest jewbag faggot admin ever Adair deleted Teh_Fabian's posts and ultimately, got him banned for about a day.. when he returned the deal was that he stay in the "Pics or It Didnt Happen" section of the forums, which, to this day, no longer exists. but he returned and started to fit in.. eventually even the admins ignored his presence in the general section of the forums (now known as "Blow The Belt") he was even there for the great NSFW revolution of '07 where all current threads and posts were wiped from the forums and some of its best posters banned.. during this revolution he was b& for the second and third time, but only for about a day or so.. by now he was a valued (sort of but not really) member of the forums. Sometime during the end of the uprising he stopped posting for about 6 weeks.. feeling that a break was needed. But after this period he returned to find all the best posters who had been banned in the uprising/revolution un-banned and all the new fags that came out of nowhere banned.. even the enormous fag Adair had supposedly disappeared for sometime and seemed to no longer be in control. And now we arrived to the present, this day in his internets supremacy he is a well known poster in the 4ums and makes quality posts almost every day..and now im boredof this so teh end..