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|firstSiteDate=May 1, 2006
|firstSiteDate=May 1, 2006
|joinDate=April 29, 2006
|joinDate=April 29, 2006
|date=October 20th, 2006
|date=October 20th, 2006

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Date of first site
graveyard, created May 1, 2006
April 29, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ***
...as of October 20th, 2006
Notable Sites:
Other info:

MYSPACE: myspace.com/justinainsworth1



Fun Facts

Fads Started:

Interactive Cursor


Was one of the founding members of Dr-L337[[2]]

How I started

State has been a guest to ytmnd for a while, just browsing the top viewed now and then, until he saw Holy crap, a meteor!!. He was then inspired to make one of his own, and he did graveyard.

After seeing graveyard turned out succesful, He then decided to make more and more sites, getting pulled into the whole phenomenon even more to the point of addiction.

Max's Toilet

On July the 6th, 2006, Max gave the site Max's Toiletan extra 5 million views. Rumors were spread saying that State-of-mind was Max's alt, or state view hacked his own site. The views were removed later that day.