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*[http://www.ytmnd.com/list/?start=0?sort=rating&order=desc&period=alltime&sort=rating&order=asc YTMNDs that suck]
*[http://content.ytmnd.com/assets/flash/game/ YTMND game]
*[http://www.ytmnd.com/list/?start=0?sort=views&order=asc&period=alltime&sort=views&order=desc Interesting YTMNDs]
*[http://www.ytmnd.com/list/?start=0?sort=views&order=desc&period=alltime&sort=creation&order=desc YTMND'S H00 NEEDZ J00R HELP 2 B BETTA]
*[http://www.ytmnd.com/list/?search=1337&user= Teh m0st 1337 ytmndz in teh wurld]
*[http://www.ytmnd.com/list/?search=anime&user= These YTMNDs are gay]
*[http://yourethemannowdog.ytmnd.com/ dis rox]
*[http://content.ytmnd.com/assets/flash/game/ ''A''N ''A''W''E''S''O''M''E'' G''A''M''E''!''!''!''1''!''1''1''!'']

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