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|join date= Four Score and twenty years ago.
|join date= Four Score and twenty years ago.
|site average=***
|site average=***
|vote average=***
|vote average=****
|date= 9:05 PM
|date= 9:05 PM

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Join date
Four Score and twenty years ago.
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: ****
...as of 9:05 PM
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Yeah. I'm Brandun. YTMND OBSESSED. I'd make better ytmnds nowadays if my subscription to Fireworks didn't expire. My name was made on a whim and it's supposed to be phonetic of cylinder. I'd really wish to change it but whatever. I'm retired. Not really. After being supplied with a cereal code for fireworks. I am back in full force.

Mutherfucker. ♥♠♣♦ Kip.gif

Sillender's *FAV!* YTMND Heroes [no particular order]

  • Dr-L337 *scribbles out Dr.L337* Moheevi
  • Klasky/(Zombie)Nutnics
  • StratosTheBratos
  • Max
  • Kassius
  • MasterSitsu
  • smoothmedia aka powerpoint-king
  • Poland [I didn't forget yew. ♥]
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