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{{YTMNDer Infobox|name=Sillender.
|join date= Four Score and twenty years ago.
|site average=***
|vote average=****
|date= 9:05 PM
|Caption1= YTMND on "Outside"
|Caption2=Well, You're pretty much screwed.
|Caption3=Arnold Enjoys the PS3
|Caption4=A Simple Game of Pong. Gone WRONG
|Caption5=The Wonders of Engrish.
Yeah. I'm Brandun. YTMND OBSESSED. I'd make better ytmnds nowadays if my subscription to Fireworks didn't expire.
<font size="12"><font color="#FF00FF">http://txt.ytmnd.com</font color></font size>
My name was made on a whim and it's supposed to be phonetic of cylinder. I'd really wish to change it but whatever.
I'm retired. Not really. After being supplied with a cereal code for fireworks. I am back in full force.
<font size="12"><font color="#FF00FF">Mutherf</font color><font color=#000000>{{c|uc}}</font color><font color="#FF00FF">ker. ♥♠♣♦</font color></font size>
Sillender's {{fav}} YTMND Heroes [no particular order]
* Dr-L337 *scribbles out Dr.L337* Moheevi
* Klasky/(Zombie)Nutnics
* StratosTheBratos
* Max
* Kassius
* MasterSitsu
* smoothmedia aka powerpoint-king
* Poland [I didn't forget yew. ♥]
{{user 06}}

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