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Life Story


Dr. Scott B. Endo the 19th, also known as Scott Endo, was born in late June of 1934 in Nagasaki, Japan. Raised by the small Japanese family of Endo he was loved tenderly by his parents. Eventually the US dropped the bomb, Endo was encased in a thick layer of amber, which saved his life. During an archaeological dig in the area on January 3, 1978, he was found preserved in the amber.

The archaeologists melted the amber, and with a bolt of lighting equal to 1.21 gigawatts, breathed life into his body. They took Endo to Harlem, where he was raised by a poor black family named Winslow. ( The Winslow family eventually gave their life story to ABC, which lead to the creation of the hit show ' Family Matters '. Steve Urkel was based off of Scott's earlier days of a scientist. ) He was a geek, and found his first Donkey Kong arcade cabinet during these times. He continued to play Nintendo games, even during the outbreak of Pac-Man Fever during the mid-1980s. He became one of the greatest video game players of all time. This aroused hate in some of the Harlem gangs, which eventually lead to his demise.

In the year of 1989, he was killed. It was labeled an automobile accident, but his followers knew it was the 42nd Street Gang. His followers, using the cultist money, built a cloning machine. This machine allowed them to use a strand of the now deceased Scott Endo's hair, and recreate a clone. The only problem was that they would have to impregnate a woman, which would mean Endo would have to relive his childhood again.

The experiment was a freak success, and he was 'born' on the day of June 21st, 1990. Sadly, one tiny thing went wrong, and the baby was diagnosed with spina bifida. But this did not stop the cult. The cult took the baby in and instructed him with the art of Nintendo. He was trained hard, working out to Punch-Out!!, and training his brain to Final Fantasy. He was, eventually, the master at squashing turtles.

In the year of 1995 he legally changed his name to Scottendo, and was released by the cult to wreak havoc upon the video game world. Up until this day he is still unbeaten in a game of Tetris.

In 1998 he got his doctors degree from The Mushroom Kingdom University, instructed from the skilled surgeon Dr. Mario. Although now officially Dr. Scott Endo, he still prefers to be called Scottendo.


During the late 90's, Scottendo forged into the gaming world of the PC. Eventually this lead him to the tubes, also known as the internet. In 2001 ( Before Max closed then reopened YTMND.. ) he found YTMND, and changed the face of it until this day.

Scott was one of the winners on the Attack of the Show contest where users had to create a site and they would showcase the winners. His site You're the Pereira now, dog! was one of the winners.

He also had a song made about him by DZK. Scottendo vs. Spina Bifida is a song documenting Scott's disability called spina bifida. Much of the song is not true, he really loves the song, and takes no offence to it what so ever.

He is also a DJ on YTMND Radio and an admin on YTMND Vent.

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