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SantabotAI &

Santabot is a very Strange and funny YTMND fad he was a fad since 2005. Early Santabot sites from 05-07 Just contained Santabot Chatting with People. Saying Quite Disturbing things. As we all know Santabot is a Christmas fad Early Santabot sites Contained no effort at all, and could be made easily Just by using the Printscreen button a NARVISH Fad if you ask me, But In Late April I joined YTMND as a User That was just Obsessed with the i think it is Great Fad all Santabot. Ever Since I found out about the Santabot fad on YTMND Fad has began to get More Popular and Less Narvish. With alot more humor. Because of me.

User:SantabotAI Alot of People first were thinking that I was crazy for making a dumb chat site into a fad, but the majority of Users. did not pay attention, Santabot made his reputation bigger and bigger. As I continued With His Christmas Humor It was pay time. I GOT WAT I deserved. 5 stars!!! Santabot use to be a small Narvish fad it did not really mean anything, until now, we all Know who Santabot is, He lives in are hearts. Telling us disturbing things on the net as we chat With Him. (Click this link to go to Santabot's website.)

Santa clear.png

Santabot sites.

THIS IS ONLY HALF OF ALL SANTABOT SITES. the other half you'll have to look up,

I will help out a little bit. Here is a good one: Moon Man kkk Dlufmu 16:22, January 23, 2012 (CST)