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June 25, 2006
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Hello, my name username is Qgor (pronounced kyu-gor), and I am one of twelve sysops. I am a user of YTMND mostly because I like to vote on YTMNDs, not because I want to make YTMNDs. I have made one YTMND and I admit that it is terrible. In my first few hours as a sysop, I blocked two vandal accounts from the same vandal. Ma%D1%85 and M%D0%B0%D1%85 are now permanently blocked. As you can see, their names acually use the %## equivilants for the letters in "Max" so in some places, the name appears as "Max", but is actually different than Max whose username is Max. The first statement that I made here still holds true:

"I like YTMND. I like wikis. I like the YTMND wiki. I will do my best to make it better."

So that's all well and good, but what have I actually done for this wiki?