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July 17, 2007
December 6, 1990
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Greetsing, YTMNDers. My name is MrSinistar (real name: Maximilian <LAST NAME WITHHELD>) and I've been on YTMND for about 6 months now (as of Nov. 2007). Originally, my name was going to be Mr. Sinistar, which I've used on previous fourms, but YTMND would accept it, so it's now MrSinistar.

The first YTMND site I've ever seen was, and the first site I've ever made was

I am the creator of UHHHTMND.

I'm friends with dmaz, fourest, YourTheCoconutMan, Rafe and kepledon. Together, we form the "6 COOL GUYS FROM YTMND AND CHAT ON MSN!"