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Join date
August 1st, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of April 1st, 2007
Notable Sites:

== This page violated by moheevi when he was drunk, just like Mik3m likes it. dirty and full of semen

mik3m "you could've added a slight wall break sound effect"

The Gray Ghost

Mik3m is also well know to be a no-voter, commonly praising sites but rarely voting on them, with a pathetic total of 444 total votes. He'll probably reach 1,000 once max finally appoints some fucking mods.

'07 Yellow Fever

Around March of '07 mik3m had found out about a 'girl' on the 'internet' named 'Yellow-Chan' (mik3m usually just refers to her as 'yellow'). This resulted in a short boost of Yellow sites coming from mik3m, which got moderate attention but were, atleast to other YTMNDers, forgettable.

Sites to feature Yellow:

yellow paradox.

yellow visits a ytmnd.

he-man and teela see yellow.

what i'll see when i die.

no, it's yellow.


Mik3m is also a strong supporter and frequent chatter on the Gablee instant messaging program, and occasionally in the fag party storage garage.