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July 29, 2004
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Yes, I am that guy who made YesYes.

Okay so about the name...

It's not what it looks like, or at least not any more. You see when I first jumped on the internet we were in the mist of the pokemon fad (back when it was good, you know the Red/Blue days). Being the naive noob that I was I just took the first two things I thought of (Mewtwo and Pikachu) and coupled it with my age at that point (11). Now I never roleplayed as some sort of horrid furry hybrid (in fact I never roleplayed, period) it was just a de facto name. Now that was... 7 years ago, I'm 18 now (lol, legal) and I only keep the name because the captain goes down with the ship.

    And now you know

Fads Begun


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