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L-Shaped Tetris Block was born on October 26th, 1982. He began his life in humble conditions, living with his adoptive parents in Northern California (see entry: "Marylin Manson" for information on biological parentage). At the age of five, he was admitted to the Smartsbury Institute for Geniuses, where he excelled in his studies despite being the youngest genius ever admitted.

In 1988, L-Shaped Tetris Block began working at the NASA Space Research Center for Advanced Space Science, where he invented a new alloy that was as light as a feather yet as stiff as a board. This success coincided with the start of his short-lived pop music career, highlighted by playing the saxaphone on Huey Lewis and The News's fourth album, the smash-hit "Fore!"

With the earnings from his science and music careers, L-Shaped Tetris Block bought a medium-sized castle in Scotland and began writing poetry under the pen name "Lord Byron." The poetry was so well-recieved that the Modern Language Association, along with numerous scholars from around the world, decided to re-date it into the romantic period and add it to the canon of modern English literature. His work as Lord Byron can be found in various anthologies, and is taught in English departments around the world.

In 2001, L-Shaped Tetris Block bought a solid-gold igloo on top of the Empire State Building, where he lives to this day. If you're ever in the Big Apple, look for him driving around town in his solid-gold Bentley (which can be distinguished from any other solid gold Bentley by the fact that it is covered with fist-sized diamonds). You can view his modern works by accessing the "Front Page" section of You're The Man Now Dog, or by browsing for his light-hearted, spirit-cheering posts in the General Discussion or Almighty LOL forums.

LSTB is autistic.