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Date of first site
unknown, created unknown date
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ** of Oct. 16/2007
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Fight 4 Fucks

Ancient History

Nothing notable fuck.

Diary of a Noise Artist

There's been so much misunderstanding going on here. Not really anybody's fault. We leave cryptic clues and overestimate the ability to recognize satire. But then again I suppose we can't expect that of the people who we're satiring anyways.

In the Beginning there were 2

The two were Kassius and Aegisreflector. They got along, they shared similar tastes, and more importantly similar distastes. As great as some ytmnds could be, there were a vast amount of attempts that fell under their own (one could call them peculiar) standards. They've been friends since the beginning and remain so although creatively diverged.

Daltonofzeal2 (or how I logged in one time and saw something that made me say fuckfuckfuck)

It started with one voice, and it belonged to Daltonofzeal2, or more notably, Something had been created there that was leagues ahead of its time, something that couldn't be understood as a stand alone product but who's commentary spoke encyclopedic knowledge about what was what. It was a delicious satire, and it captured the rapt attention of an early Kassius. It to this day remains a memorial of what brought it all to fruition.

A Fad Too Far.

More or less one could had ignored the low points of ytmnd and settled for it's occasional highs. But with recent exposure to Dalton's ytmnd and the sudden surge of the "myspace suicide" (a fad unlike no others up to that point that was easy to mimic and had hundreds of users making copy sites) the tether broke, and two people decided to vent out their frustrations. This was the advent of what some call noise sites, and what the less intelligent refer to as ear-rape sites.

The first site was somewhat a collaboration. It's original premise was merely to use badly remixed music and set it into a badly edited image to spread a sarcastic message. Aegis did this with

Driven by a sudden impulse, Kassius took the sound, and remembered the site from Daltonofzeal. The site was amplified, it was distorted, it was brought to a realm of loudness that the he felt would not only be a dry satire but would also hammer into the masses the breakout message that he thought would awaken users from their own slumber. When they hear their beloved fad taken into such a place, where they see their images distorted and warped that they would think to themselves that somewhere they'd fucked up. It was

It didn't fly well.

2005-12-19 03:33:32 colonel-yam 1 star

you deserve to be castrated and have your scrotum fed to your mother you f*cking f*g

Nevertheless, the adrenaline surge had already began and there was a new world to explore. Regardless of the misinterpretation and the low votes, he edited images, edited fads, edited sounds, all to a substandard that was to remain his home for 2006.

A Shifted Perspective

In the beginning it was ytmnd social commentary, but something began to happen. In a new light, he began to realize that he enjoyed the sounds he was engineering. He listened to the intensity and felt wrapped up by the wall of sound. He was starting to love it. It felt like being surrounded by an immense storm.

He began to develop "noise" sites no longer out of rage but of love and adoration of the new genre, the sarcastic humor it employed and the strength of its deliverance. Nothing hammered this very fact into him as much as much the creation of a collab. between him an LCad. The visual effect, the humor, the sound, it all spoke of a new style of satirical comedy that he couldn't describe.

Speculatively Aegisreflector had seen this and had also began to appreciate it much in the same way, and in it found a realm of non-political realm of political humor, and with it created the now establish "Polend" movement.

Before there was L337 (the Pope at Large)

The now recognizable Kassius face had been drawn during an english class in a remote high school somewhere who knows where. With it, Kassius now had an anchor to his identity in this realm. The picture, drawn years before was of a curious design, drawn as a charicature of the teacher. The off colours and crude lines lended itself perfectly to the new Kassius noise revolution, and devloped sites exclusively with this image and self hype in mind.

a) Kassius is the pope. The pope is a signal of belief, a leader of conformity. What better way to stand against this but accept the same title. b) Kassius is about c) Kassius is about "Fite 4 Fucks" A saying that demands defensive and offensive positions against all things that stand against what a mass believes and what a minority dreams about d) Kassius borrows greatly from rapper Eminem to convey his own personal messages through low fi pitch changes. Listen to it as if you were listening to him.

Stop. Change. Pokeman!?

As much as he loved his private discovery, there were little people to appreciate his creations in the obscure noise ytmnd territory. Attacked with criticism of being a talentless hack and a bane to ytmnd, the decision was made to prove people wrong.

a new era

A site that he loved greatly before, Kassius took the concept that began and attempted to resurrect it. From there came and it took off. No stranger to audio editing, mixdowns and mash ups, he relished the opportunity to create polished products again.


Devestated, the Kassius began to doubt himself and his intentions. He had often spread the word of underground insurgence in the face of popularity, and preached against it. And there were his sites on the top rated and the top viewed thanks to a fad. In an effort to tribute his secret passion and atone for himself, he attributed what would have been his highest rated ytmnd and contender for hall of fame status...

and edited it. Into

Cosby-Mania (what was the original can now be seen at had accumulated over a thousand votes and was in the mid 4.4 rating range when he edited it. In the ultimate gift to his passion, he had allowed a noise site, something he loved and wanted to share with all, to be stuck on the front page in the top rated with no way to get it off. The ratings were so high that when new people saw the site and downvoted it didn't make a chink in the overall rating. It took a mass efforts of new votes and changed votes until it finally slipped off the page, but the message was sent and it had it's 3 days of fame. (very notable are the comments section to see how it changed pre-post edit)


His conscience salved, Kassius comfortably switched between cosby and noise sites, trying to satisfy camps of both sides and keep people happy.


All throughout the year, Aegis and Kassius were working parallel, but in different zones. Aegis had built up a Poland following and the Forgot Poland Army was developed. It embraced a common theme and had dedicated members, united under the cause. Having a lapse in his own work recently, Kassius hooked up with FPA and started contributing to the effort and theme sites, got to know its members more, and found himself becoming a full fledged member.

a quest for acceptance. a lapse in judgement?

Poland sites were more and more on the rise, and Kassius wondered if, throughout the year people had learned the message that he and other noise artists had worked hard to spread. He felt maybe it was time to try and ease people into this humor, let them appreciate the noise. He wanted to build a bridge that people could look at and say "oh fuck now I get it what I fag I used to be."

To make that process easier, he went into the FPA storehouse and polished up the...

Poland Toolkit

Kassius felt that creating these mixes would serve as to

a) enticing people with a nice remix b) remind people at the beauty of destruction and power. c) make them realize that something can be polished and horrid at the same time. d) SHOW THEM

However, with it out there, Poland is teetering not as a revolution but as merely another fad to mix into songs as Kassius may have inadvertently made the message out to be. The humor, that's meant to be about the satire of the joke you're trying to play itself, was being confused with trying to make a joke. As a result many new poland sites by inexperienced users have been made that do not include noise, though the FPA is working to correct this problem. Users in control of the poland toolbox have considered removing it entirely or slimming it down to avoid future atrocities.

Kicked in the Dick

A Max-Kassius dialogue never happened, and one could only hope the owener of the site could realize and see the extent of a message, but as of yet he only has one action as to judge what the leader thinks of him.

That story is here: The result? Well..

YTBel-AirND Soundtrack

As the fanfare issue was settled and Kassius returned to the ytmnd creation game, things had slowly cooled off and there wasn't anything particularly groundbreaking he had done in a while Having been familiar with Fyrestorms YTMD Soundtracks, he felt that outside of their brief flames of popularity when each new one came out, there wasn't really enough attention paid to them. To establish a way to bring more attention to them, he set out a way to highlight them in a brand new way: A giant mashup

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme had up to this point been a popular staple in internet humour and had its own fame up to this point. As a bonus, it employed a rap beat that was particularly easy to mash song with and remix into. The idea was to use popular ytmnd songs and reinvent theme with this beat.

Unfortunately that would have meant hundreds of ytmds with only slight variations on the main theme, so in a bold attempt to condense the amount of work, space, aand number of sites, he decided to make each site feature the entirety of each soundtrack. The backbone beat played on while songs melted into each other in 8-10 second bursts. The result was an ADD style remix mashup that highlighted the best of what the ytmnd soundtrack had to offer.

Volumes 1 through were completeted, with volume 10 being split off into 10.1 and 10.2, but the decision to stop creating them came as a result of the soundtracks becoming a lot more boring as they went on, as well as the minimal number of very notable tracks and the increase of filler ones.


As keatonkeaton999 and his fun times mix series became popular, Kassius used this opportunity to learn FL and compete by producing his beatz mixes. Many of these mixes were popular, though keaton's mixes appealed to the masses more so than the beatz. Since then Kassius and Keaton have established an offsite dialogue and an appreciation for each others work as well as mutual enjoyment of the standards each of them had set for each other

Beatz combines original music production and splicing elements of songs, dialogues, or any particularly unique or interesting audio to change it into an electronic buzz song. Sometimes it is very apparent to which tracks are being mixed, but sometimes the complexities of the work became so that one could hardly recognize what it was being remixed in the first place

A side project transition into real life

More often then not, much of the acclaim that Kassius has received includes questions of whether or not he did sound prouction/remixing/composing professionally or at least to make money in some respect because he'd be crazy if he didn't, and as those sort of comments started to stack up, he began to actually pay attention to them. Thus begins his new off-ytmnd project of making an electronic music set to be played at local electronic clubs and after hours parties in the Windsor Detroit Area.

The project will incorporate the standard idea that beatz follow (a 2-3 minutes remixed popular song with original backing music) yet to make them flow into each other and use more appropriate source tracks. These new batch of beatz will not be geared toward more mass recognition than ytmnd fad status, so many current beatz will not be employed. In fact there are only 2 confirmed tracks to be included so far: and (which is still an earlier version of the song still being worked on) and (Of which there is a redone, remastered unreleased version_). Future beatz will include less fad material, more attention to production quality, and more recognizable tracks by the mass public.

An as of yet untitled album is in production as well, with plans on making it purchasable through ytmnd.

People scheduled to visit the Detroit area in the upcoming year who are interested in seeing a show should stay tuned for more details.

Uhh What the fuck is a YTKND SOUNDTRAP??

YTBel-AirND soundtrack was actually a lot of fun to work on, yet it suffered from being formulaic and repetative. YTKND is a sort of combination of trade mark Kassius randomness, offcanter humour, low quality gifs and sound quality, yet incredibly fun and creative mixing. Inspiration came from Dasyati's promotion for the YTMND Soundtrack where he actually says the name "Kassius" (even if it was pronounced wrong oh well).

The rules are simply that there are no rules. The only ongoing theme is that each YTKND SOUNDTRAP is introduced by a remix of a promotion, hyping Kassius as the creator. The rest involved remixing, noising, Mashing songs together and creating a mosaic of auditory overload that somehow still makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Of all the ytmnds created in the past, this were among the funnest to make.

Does Kassius hate me? (he calls me a fucking faggot and downvotes my ytmnds)

Hate is a very strong word and implies a lot of caring towards the particular object of hate in question.

"I try and maintain a very healthy and casual attitude towards ytmnd. By doing so I free myself of any particular limits or regulations such as politeness, tactfulness, and what some people would refer to as respect. Split voting is reflective of this attitude. If I enjoy it, 5. If I don't, 1. And that's all there is too it. And since I'm already giving you a 1 and making you feel guilty and embarassed, why not make it feel like the vote I give you is the vote of some psychotic lunatic who's opinion probably shouldn't be trusted in the first place? Although I never deny the amount of effort that goes into some sites and actually do respect the amount of skill and creativity that goes into them, I feel the creator should probably know that already and not take too seriously of a 7 letter word telling him he or she is a fucking idiot."

Recognizable scenes of Kassius blowing up, raging, arguing vehemently, and insulting profoundly are very fun to do and act out, but if you're visualizing a guy sitting behind the keyboard yelling and punching his computer screen, who's ready to kill homosexuals and rain terror on african americans and jews. So if you believe you've finally found someone who truly understands your feelings of hate and rage, uhhhh, you should probably still keep looking.