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Fight 4 Fucks

Kassius is The Pope

A YTMND user who devotes most of his time (in equal parts) to Cosby and Ear Rape sites. Most people seem to like the former more than the latter for reasons unknown. His portrayal in YTMNDs usually involves a bizarre "self-portrait" (through which Kassius, usually in a self-congratulary manner, claims to be the Pope) and he has been occasionally referenced by other YTMND users in their own sites involving Ear Rape, or, on rarer occasions, Cosby.

Kassius and

Kassius recently has lost a site to Typogra. was taken from him, by Max, and given to Typogra. Some users believe that Max has every reason to do so. ex: uncited sources, Ear Raped sites. See Kassius's site for more information.

Kassius in mainstream media

The Scariest Man in Town TIME Magazine article
Recently, TIME Magazine devoted a whole article to Kassius' escapades and documented his frenetic rise to the top of the heap of YTMND dada satirists as "The Scariest Man in Town".