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'''Michael Wolfson''' (or ''MichaelWolfson'') is a former member of the YTMND community who was banned from the site by [[Max Goldberg|Max]] on June 24, 2006. <!-- But why? -->
During the short-lived temporary forums, Wolfson was seen by many as king of the idiots, especially the old-school posters who had now migrated to [[AlmightyLOL|XYTMND]]. A few days before the regular forums were due to go back up, Wolfson was made super moderator by clay, and this sent Mike's ego into orbit. When the database was restored, Mike was shocked to see he didn't have moderator status anymore, and went on a week campaign of complaining &mdash; both in IRC and on the forums. Everyone got so sick of his constant crying that he was eventually laughed out of the forums for being a douchebag. He took this a lot harder than he should have, and made several [[YTMND]]s about himself and namedrops of people like fyrestorm and clay. He even recorded a rap song about how he's now free of his forums addiction.
On August 13th, 2006, Michael Wolfson was banned from YTMND Ventrilo (again) when a majority of the users voted for Wolfson to be banned. He eventually bitched and moaned and got unbanned.
==The After-Effect==
Since he had been run out of YTMND's forums, he decided to try to fit in with XYTMND, who of course rebuffed him because they saw him as everything they hated about the ytmnd forums. Being the attention-starved fool he was, he didn't take the hint and continued to post. He finally left after [[Introducing...]] threatened to install a trojan on his computer to warn him. In February of 2006, [[Fyrestorm]] bought a Ventrilo server which Michael would visit regularly. Eventually he bought his own Ventrilo server to compete against Fyrestorm after being denied moderator status; additionally, he was caught trolling and evading IP bans. This eventually led to having his entire subnet banned.
==Safety Not Guaranteed: The Movie==
Wolfson created a short film based on the YTMND "[[Safety not guaranteed]]" for a school project.
Although Wolfson assumed the position of director, another member of the team (who was assigned to be the director) noticed that his name was omitted from the credits. Wolfson believed that, as he had taken the job of directing, he should be credited accordingly. The family of the irate member threatened legal action against Wolfson, so to prevent further conflict he removed the video from YouTube.
In an attempt to reupload the film, Wolfson created a YTMND asking users to submit the film under their name, bypassing any legal links to him so he could not be held responsible for it.
==Other Notes==
Before his ban from YTMND, Michael Wolfson was a DJ on [[YTMND radio]].
When [[JoshCube]]'s username was deleted from YTMND, Wolfson took the username and announced it on {{ytmnd|joshcube|joshcube.ytmnd.com}}.
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