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Helmholz is a troll who started frequenting the vent channel around early 2006. He has the most dysfunctional family in the known history of the world and often broadcasts arguments between himself and his schizophrenic hypochondriac mother or bipolar sister, or arguments between the two themselves over vent for the enjoyment of the users. Repeating habits include poor ventrilo etiquette to include (but not limited to) ear rape, repeating what other users say in a whiny voice (a meme started by now banned user HKK in April 2008), and general trolling. Helmholz has been in the military since early 2005 and often lends his expertise or criticism whenever some newfag acts like they know what they're talking about.

A short list of known arguments that have taken place at Helm's house:

- - Saturday, June 28th, 2008 - -

Momma Helmholz woke up at 4 AM to come downstairs, watch 20 seconds of Home Movies, attempt to start an argument, then go back upstairs.

Helmholz tried to find the logic in his mom's (let's argue just to argue) argument about pot pies for about 10 minutes, but found none.

Helmholz broadcast a 5 minute argument between his mother and sister about how to turn off a computer.

More to come!

It's also well-known that Helmholz one day plans to kill himself over the internet. Where or when this will occur has yet to be determined, but he assures members of the YTMND community that when he finds a good enough reason to, he will make sure he broadcasts it to as many people as he can on as many different media outlets as he can so it doesn't get intercepted by law enforcement officials. It's most likely that the reason for his becoming an hero will take root in dealings with his own family.