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Loves to tuck his dick back for other men. Now is an admin in 4chan ventrilo where he screams and whines to Jroach. He also loves sucking giant floppy big ben dongs. Life can't be better for this teenage boy. He sits at home all day. Well, It couldn't be sitting since his fat ass lays on his bed all day. Of course, noone can blame his pathetic ass. For his parents died in a tragic accident. This tragic accident consists of.. Two industrial blenders, 2 liters of melted butter and A hefty amount of tortilla chips.

How did this happen? Dane cook decide to come over to his house while our little HKK was asleep. Dane cook slapped down those two blenders. Decapitating his father first, Placing it in the blender for lulz and placing it on crush. You don't need details of his mother, aside that the only part of her body missing was her vagoo. From that day on, HKK hated Dane Cook for eating his parents and having some of the most hilarious comedic performances ever.

Some times, HKK dwells in his room thinking to himself about ways to get attention. This leads him to think very carefully and precise. This also lead to him tucking his 3 inch penis in between his legs Singing Goodnight Horses and crying to himself while remembering Dane Cook devouring his parent's delicious patte'd remains with tortilla chips and a side of cola. As a side note, HKK used to have a 4 inch penis. Until Dane Cook put him under the knife, Taking off one inch and using it as a filling for a spring roll delight.

Which either way made Dane have a nasty tummy ache.