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|  [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnb_tMRlHwQ#t=0m24s YouTube].
|  [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fnb_tMRlHwQ#t=0m24s YouTube].
|  <s>Honeeeee...</s><span style="font-size: x-large;">'''THE VOICE OF JESUS'''</span>
|  <s>"Honeeeee..."</s><span style="font-size: x-large;">'''THE VOICE OF JESUS'''</span>
|  19–20
|  19–20
|  ''See [[#source-honey|Images]]'' (episode 4).
|  ''See [[#source-honey|Images]]'' (episode 4).

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"Barack Obama watches Hentai" is a YTMND by me based on bigmac2112's "Chris Tucker watches Hentai". It was the 258th site on my list at the time.


The site took roughly three days to create. After submission, I decided to watch it to celebrate. I soon got my first bluescreen in over eight months; recovery was quick.


Frame numbers assume sync is used to view the site.
Image Frames Creators, owners, and sources
Background 1–64 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Seven Arcs), via YouTube.
First black president 2–3 Bob McNeely, The White House. Via Wikipedia File:Bill Clinton.jpg.
Kermit 4 et al. Via Chris Tucker watches Hentai.
"Where's the beef?" lady 8 Joe Sedelmaier et al. for Wendy's. Via YouTube.
Ludacris 11 © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com. Via Wikipedia File:Ludacris 2008.jpg.
CHAD DADDY 13–14, last Via YouTube.
Yahoo! 17 Google, of course.
Cutie HoneyTHE FACE OF JESUS 19–20 The greatest fictional work ever created by modern man, episode 3.
Baseball thumbnail 21–24 Google Images 'baseball' search, result 9.
The Juggernaut (bitch) 28–29 My Way Entertainment's "THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!". Via YouTube.
Stephanie 31–32 Via Blog That Mommy!.
Trump 32 Via Zimbio.
Vince "THAT'S GOTTA HURT" McMahon 33 Via Top Socialite.
Carson Kressley 34 Phil Guest. Via Wikipedia File:CarsonKressley.jpg.
The Rock 37 Via milk was a bad choice....
SAILORMOONRED with Paul Bearer and Sailor Moon 38–40 PAUL BEARER ON THE SAILOR MOON SHOW on (surprise) YouTube.
Little Willy from Philly 44–46 Will Smith on Vibe.
Jordan, Mr. T, and Doug 47–54 Via Obama watches Sailor Moon with Michael Jordan.
Joe Buck 58 Monowi. Wikipedia File:Joe Buck.jpg.
Brian Williams Second-last David Shankbone. Via Wikipedia File:Brian Williams Tribeca 2009.jpg.
Sound During frames Creators, owners, and sources
Nanoha's theme 1–64 See Images.
Obama 2–4 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech on YouTube.
"Like my hair?" 13 et al. See Images.
"WHAT?" 4 et al. See Images.
"Where's the beef?" 8–9 See Images.
Ludacris 11 Back For The First Time album by Ludacris on MySpace Music.
Bing! 17 YouTube.
"Honeeeee..."THE VOICE OF JESUS 19–20 See Images (episode 4).
"Back, at the track ..." 21–24, 58 MLB.com (see link "1996 World Series Film", 41:00). Was surprisingly hard to find; I remembered very well watching it.
Juggernaut 28–29 See Images.
Pretty cake 31–32 Via prettycake.
"You're fired." 32 Via YouTube.
"THAT'S GOTTA HURT" 33 WWF: Wrestlemania (SNES). Via YouTube.
"Ow-how!" 34 Narcis Prince. Again, YouTube.
"The f*ck does that mean?" 37 Office Space. Take a guess.
"In the name of the moon ..." 38–40 See Images.
"She's a ..." 44–46 Via Wild Wild West Wavs at Bubby's Wav Archive.
"... nothing but net." 47–54 McDonald's. Via YouTube.
440Hz sawtooth wave Third-last Made with Audacity.
Brian Williams Second-last NBC Nightly News. Via msnbc.com.