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Hello. My name is Flameman. Well OK. That's just my alias. I discovered YTMND via YouTube. My main YouTube account is [1] and the account I use to re-upload my YTMNDs or random collections is [2]. I started off by trying to bring the imfamous "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN" fad to YTMND, but my plan failed. My sites were limited to audio editing only because I didn't have any apropriate software for image edditing. (Exept for paint) But when I got the Adobe CS4 collection, I was able to make animated YTMND sites. Some sites I wasn't able to submit because the WAV sound file was too large, but then I discovered the CS4 collection also included a program that could make MP3s. I'm not very good at creating more original sites, but I get good feedback from my fad-mash sites. (Darth Wang himself ussualy votes 5 or above) One of my rivals on YTMND use to be the downvoter JIZZmonsta, but thankfully Max banned him, but my arch-rival is the infamous ASSCOCKredux, someone who I describe as "the stupidest troll on the internet ever" (the 2nd stupidest being gr33nscr33n).