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All about fanfare

fanfare is a cute little strawberry-blonde YTMND forumer that made her first appearance in the post-temp forum of '06. While most newcomers to the these forums underwent a painful series of hazing, fanfare was met with little hostility. She was generally accepted by the forumers from the get-go, and was known for her vicious racism and perfect teeth--along with the fact that she was a good looking ginger--an unheardof rarity. fanfare also included a ridiculously long signature that featured twelve cheerful pictures of her posing for the cam and having fun with friends. Upon learning that the ultra respected user 'clay' complained about 'some bitch with all those pics' , fanfare reduced her signature to a single photo, featuring her in a colorful swimsuit..pointing like a gangsta-bitch.

When fanfare joined the YTMNSFW forum, there was little female activity on the forum at the time. So, it is no wonder that fanfare's forum mailbox was instantly filled up by letters from various (male) fanfare fans. Some examples of some fan(fare)mail are below:

WhisperXBA You're real cute, want to meet up on yahoo messenger or something? Boring night.

michaelwolfson ey babygirl, check it, [1] send pics girl

DaveHondoras hey cutie i was just wondering if you wanted to shove a lit candle in my ass and shave my testicles with a straight razor? tia

Trying to steal from fanfare's instant-success, there were some short-lived female imposters early on in the summer. All were met with skepticism, and soon retreated from the forum. It was also around this time that fanfare's authenticity was questioned. For unknown reasons, some began to accuse fanfare of being clay. Others concluded that fanfare wasn't clay, but was in fact a male, which gave birth to the name 'manfare' . This very hurtful name is considered to be blasphemous by fanfare and fanfare fans, and it is only used by haters.

Fanfare was very active in the Summer '06, where she made many new friends. One of the first friendships was with user Starfish. Starfish was a well-known forumer that was a scat-loving homosexual. However, Starfish began making several threads talking about Fanfare and how he thinks about her, which raised the question as to whether or not Starfish was gay. He denied these accusations of heterosexuality, however. Some time later, a user named Adair also became increasingly fascinated with fanfare, and had made it firmly clear that fanfare was his girlfriend--stealing fanfare from Starfish. When vicious rumors arised that fanfare might in fact not even be a girl IRL, Adair became :confused: , and shrugged off those rumors. Recently, Adair seems to have dumped fanfare.. and publicily exclaimed that he was Gay.

Also at this time, it was learned that a new girl named "xoabercrombiexo" had joined the forum. Abercrombie_XO (her present forum name) was grealy dispised by fanfare from the very beginning for several reasons.. fanfare accused Abercrombie of being a dumb rip-off, fat, and stupid. Abercrombie responded to these sharp criticisms by stating that fanfare was simply jealous of her since she was in fact a real-life girl. Fanfare became :furious: and watched in :rage: as Abercrombie would post meaningless bullshit threads starting wtih "so i.." ..which would generate thousands of page views and replies. Fanfare research suggests that more than half of these responses were Abercrombie's, proving that she was the driving force behind those dumb threads. Some of her followers include trolls Steveyos666 and a mildly retarded user named Bownatsterm. Since their early days, fanfare and Abercrombie have seemed to patch things up, and fanfare can be seen giving +ops to Abercrombie sometimes on IRC (:.

Fanfare was dissapointed when the Summer of '06 was over, which also brought an end to the summer NSFW forums. She rejoined as the tenth user of the new YTMNSFW forums, and makes occasional appearances in both the forums and the IRC chat. Fanfare had her very own :fanfare: smiley for use in the NSFW forums, but it was taken down for unknown reasons recently. She updates her signature frequently, and some members take it upon themselves to save every fanfare pic they find--notably RubycalaberX. There have been several YTMNDs created in her honor, all of which are worthy of fapfare--a clever slang used by fans that suggest that one must certainly find fanfare fappable:

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (non-fapfare site, namegrabbed by an evil named member 'kassius')

RPG Cameo

Fanfare was given a spot in the YTMND RPG game by It Is the Riz, where she played a stripper in Oleander's bar. Rpg.jpg

Fanfare doesn't return e-mails.