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{{user 05}}<br /><br /><br />
{{user 05}}{{user lol}}<br /><br /><br />
{{user ptkfgs}}<br /><br /><br />
{{user ptkfgs}}<br /><br /><br />
{{user roxbury}}<br /><br /><br />
{{user roxbury}}<br /><br /><br />

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December 12, 2005
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DryIce joined late in '05, after seeing a couple of classic YTMNDs as provided by the Google. Made some YTMNDs, a few of them being actually worthwhile. Frequented the YTMNSFW Forums in late '06 to early '07, then went on a hiatus from YTMND. Last major activity were a couple of new YTMNDs based on the Grover fads.

Famous Crap

Created Clockcrew.org in April 2006. YTMND addicts believed the site to be a competitor to max, but they didn't realize that it was a fad site that was done for the lulz.

API Contest

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PTKFGS Logo.png This user knows how to Punch the keys for gods sake!

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