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June 6, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: *** of May 26, 2007
Notable Sites:
Bushpoland.jpg 30 seconds! Well, actually this user remembered Poland!
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General Info

From lurker to active user to semi-lurker again. He "ear raped" his computer class with a volatile HyperCard stack in 1994, and enjoys the same behaviors to this day.


Doomrock is a long time fan of absurdist humor, able to appreciate many YTMNDs that get swept under the rug. He has middle-of-the-road technical skills, but has fun making sites when he gets around to it.

As of mid 2007, new sites are infrequently made. This is due to a lack of good ideas and waning interest in making sites. Doomrock also has a folder on his desktop with at least a dozen sites in varying degrees of completion.

Voting Behaviors

A fair voter, sometimes upvoting with 2s, 3s or 4s.


Doomrock does not actually think you care about any of the above info.