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Doomrock does not actually think you care about any of the above info.
Doomrock does not actually think you care about any of the above info.
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June 6, 2006
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: ****
...as of November 28, 2006
Notable Sites:

General Info

Most likely if you know who Doomrock is, that means you are a member of the FPA or an FPA supporter. Otherwise he maintains a pretty high degree of anonymity, having only one site with over a thousand views (that site being one he's not really that crazy about).

Doomrock was a frequent YTMND lurker for several months before signing up an account, so is a shade more knowledgable than many '06ers. He hails from the northeastern USA.


Doomrock is a long time fan of absurdist humor, able to appreciate many YTMNDs that get swept under the rug. He has middle-of-the-road technical skills, but has fun making sites when he gets around to it.

Enjoys recieving the VOTE5s, but does not cry or lose sleep over low votes. Believes in the philosophy of making what you want regardless of what it'll get for votes, and not getting all "emo" about YTMND or YTMNDers.

Voting Behaviors

A fair voter, every site gets a fair shake (regardless who the site maker is) and can be somewhat generous at times if he feels the site has soul to it. Never a revenge downvoter.

Personal Tidbits

Doomrock is in his mid 20s and is a rabid metal fan, also a baseball/football fan. Thinks Special K is the world's best cereal. Doomrock is also a fairly curteous driver.

Favorite Video Games by system:

Atari 2600 - Warlord, ColecoVision - Venture, NES - Dragon Warrior 4, Game Boy - Link's Awakening, SNES - Final Fantasy 3 (AKA 6), Turbo Grafix 16 - Yo Bro!, Genesis - Cyborg Justice, Virtual Boy - Galactic Pinball, Playstation - FIFA '99, Dreamcast - Skies of Arcadia, Playstation 2 - Soul Calibur II, GameCube - Custom Robo

Doomrock does not actually think you care about any of the above info.

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