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Date of first site
unknown, created unknown date
Avg. site rating: ****
Avg. vote rate: **** of 1/25/07
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Totally unpopular

Hes Connor, what else?

Connor cannot make very good YTMNDs, despite the fact he lacks time, programs, and such. He has no sound program at all. He mostly can make ytmnds about stick men, and stuff that he didn't make at first. He does attempt to give credit, however.


Connor will usually downvote your sites if it is missing an image origin, sound origin, or anything close. He obviously can know when a site might be containing the incorrect sources as well. Thats why hes highly against Dr-L337, and any thing simular to Dr-L337. (ex: Dr-R337, Dr-Upvote, Dr-Rockso, ect.) He sometimes isn't amused at gimmick accounts either. He does approve of Kassius, sometimes. Just as he approves Poland.

He will also downvote YTMND sites that should be in YTMNSFW. Which includes pornographic images, sounds with swear words, ect.

Yup, average YTMND user. Lets just say that.


If you look into Connor's votes page, you probably would know, theres plenty of things that Connor does like. Effort, remixes, ect. Nuff said.