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CheYeah is probably the greatest poster to ever be on NSFW. CheYeah began in March of 08 and has not stopped trolling the stupid nigger C-Berry since.


CheYeah has many gimmicks. Some being saying "gimmack" or saying lmao like his idol, Rubycalaber. CheYeah's best known gimmick is Lindsay Lohan's face. It is put on all of his avatars. CheYeah does not know why he used this, but he does because it stuck and people think of CheYeah and think of Lindsay. StompleB even asked to go to this work with a lindsay lohan mask on. CheYeah lol'ed really hard.

CheYeah's Personal Life

CheYeah has made the mistake of posting his myspace and personal pictures. CheYeah is a 16 year old jock who plays both lacrosse and wrestling and fucks hot bitches on the side. When CheYeah is not trying to fit in on NSFW, he is either in RL, or playing videogames that steveyos hates, or fucking hot bitches. The pedophile Blowjob Ediquitte attempted to come on to CheYeah in CheYeah's epic thread that revealed his myspace.

Rubycalaber's Prodigy

Everyone hates CheYeah except RubyCalaber. Ruby is CheYeahs internet friend and Ruby makes all of CheYeahs super cool Lindsay Lohan avys. CheYeah always makes sure to address ruby as "bb" or "babycakes" and always applauses rubys posts. YEs, CheYeah is rubys bitch, but CheYeah hopes to one day be as awesome as ruby.