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Join date
February 2, 2006
Avg. site rating: ***
Avg. vote rate: ** of January 28, 2007
Notable Sites:

The Beginning

I joined ytmnd on January 12th, 2006. I was inspired to join because of the internet war on ebaumsworld over the Lindsay Lohan stolen image, even though I had been coming to the site sparingly months prior. It was probably a mistake on my part to even sign up for the site, as I spend a countless amount of time on ytmnd everyday voting on sites.

User Contests

I enjoyed the Dew Army contest and believe ytmnd should have more user contests.


Once bitten by the ytmnd bug I began to vote like crazy. I am currently the 3rd highest vote total on the site, as of 1/28/2007.

To date (1/28/07), centralbandit has voted accordingly:

* 6607
** 9910
*** 13586
**** 2723
***** 306

*FAV!* 113

Average Rating: 2.4
Vote Total: 33132
Anything I "5" I try to "fav", but it's hard to dig through all of my votes.

The Upvoter/Downvoter Debate

I think there is an equal problem amongst upvoters as compared to downvoters, and don't see why downvoters are treated with much harsher punishments or have a greater outcry.


At first I didn't really like to comment on sites at first because of the e-venge voters. Now as becoming a more seasoned ytmnder and after seeing a lot of crap, I just don't care anymore.

The Forums

Sometimes when I get bored I troll the forums to see what's going in the rest of ytmndland. It is indeed a strange animal, and I suggest checking out the place at least once a month. Be prepared to be flamed hard and remember, anything can happen on the internet.

Thoughts on Ytmnd

Before I decided to join ytmnd all I really did online was just sit in front of the computer and see all the exploits of what the world wide web had to offer. The content on the web seemed to have an 8-9 month period where stuff would loop, and I would be looking at things that other people thought was new, but in reality had been online for years. The concept of ytmnd to me is that it brings new content and originality to a form of entertainment that is not in the traditional style of media, as the message in all ytmnds must be instant or near instant in order to deliver a punchline to the audience. It's like we're all ADD and need instant gradification of the funny to continue on.

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