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Carlinator was created a split second before Chuck Norris kicked the universe into existence, at which point he went into a billenia-long slumber. He awoke in the year 2005, and proceeded to gravitate towards that which awoke him: YTMND.

Userbox05er.jpg This user joined YTMND in 2005.
Fairvoter45.gif This user does his/her best to vote fairly.
Yayfads45.jpg This user believes Fads on YTMND are a good thing.
Dog45.jpg This user is the man now, dog!
Picardsong.jpg This user loves Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, and rooted for him in the Picard/Batman war.
NESpad45.jpg This user is a Gamer.
Male45.jpg This user is Male.
US45.jpg This user is American