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Info crap

Hey, it's CSL1, one of the guys on YTMND known for making craptasic sites. BTW, they're to be deleted for better sites that don't suck.

Call me backwards, but I'm one of the few YTMNDers who seems to like Pairings, Furries, Anime, Oekakies, MySpace, and DR-1337



Little known facts

    • The user has little knowage on how to use gif.'s and proper photoshopping due to lack of such programs.
    • The user is a MAME user.
    • The user is an aspie and is also autisic.
    • This user Pairings, Furries, Anime, Oekakies, and MySpace, which is a rare breed due to other YTMNDers who oppose these intrests.
    • This user is actually known as =^D Guy, but is CSL1 instead due to the "=" and "^" not being proper ASCII signs.
    • This user hates inflations, being around emos and mentally retarded people, and NSFW sites here on YTMND.
    • This YTMNDer will likely to downvote shock sites, hentai sites, and sites containing animal cruelity, because they're just plain wrong.

Userboxes and stuff

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2021-01-19 19:04:12
max *
this userpage is sh*t on so many levels. +1

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This means downvoters, upvoters, midvoters, miwnvoters, and mupvoters. Thumbsdown.jpg</big> This user has had enough with people that vote a specific vote just because they can on YTMND. Voting a certain rating on something just because you can is not a good excuse for giving that vote. This is why they should not be on YTMND.

4cornerconnery.gif Thumbsdown.jpg</big> This user has had enough with Alternate Universes on YTMND.

NSFW.png Thumbsdown.jpg</big> This user has had enough with NSFW sites on YTMND.

YTMND account

Caution: Many sites are complete crap, but to wash your eyes and ears out, they will be deleted by me myself. I was at first not a responsable YTMNDer, but that's the past. My goal is to make "Un-sucky" YTMNDs so no one will again whine.

Here it is.