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anystrom is a YTMND user and a YTMND Ventrilo member.

anystrom was introduced to YTMND by online friend and YTMND veteran HKK in early 2006. anystrom immediately loved the site, and joined on April 30, 2006. He later made several average YTMND's before stepping it up somewhat and making slightly above average sites.

Despite the Ventrilo text-to-speech thingamajigger pronouncing his name (AN-nee-strum), the correct pronunciation is (ay-NYE-strum), since "A" is his first initial and "Nystrom" is his last name.


  • anystrom has Asperger's syndrome.
  • anystrom is a huge fan of classic rock music and professional wrestling.
  • anystrom rides spinnaz.