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'''Current Pink Rating:''' '''2.35'''
'''Current Pink Rating:''' '''2.45'''

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Original YTMND:
by AnYoNe
January 15, 2006
Used Music:
  • Aerosmith - Pink (cut)

Pink is a YTMND by AnYoNe in which the entire screen is in pink (html color #FAAFBE) with a cut of Aerosmith's song "Pink" playing. The color code "#FAAFBE" is displayed at the center of the site. Probably the first intentionally monochromatic YTMND ever it currently has a very low-score perhaps due to the fact that it's a much too complex joke that necessitates the viewer to be familiar with HTML color codes, knowledge of which aren't too common in the average person. Recently, however, "Pink" is starting to gain significant popularity in underground communities.

Current Pink Rating: 2.45