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An upvoter is someone who creates a YTMND account, focusing mainly on voting ***** on every site. This is the opposite of a downvoter, and is treated in a similar way as downvoting in most situations. Often people choose to upvote simply because of the existance of downvoters, saying that as a result the vote is averaged out.

La Liga de Cinco Estrellas

Dancing-is-Forbidden, as shown by voting spread and history, is a major upvoter.

"La Liga de Cinco Estrellas" was the once active group of upvoters. This group worked in an effort to neutralize the negative impact of downvoters. They were also an anti-NARV and anti-Parasite group that promoted effort and originality. The Great Race to 100,000 Stars! was a friendly contest among the original four members of this band of upvoters. This group has helped convert many NARVs and downvoters into more positive and encouraging users on YTMND.

Interesting character upvoters

Previously upvoters were defined by the actions of The Upvoter, a ytmnd user who upvoted all sites, including those of his downvoting nemeses, such as Adverb and inkdrinker. The Upvoter assumed a super hero persona, and presumably moonlighted as a regular ytmnd user. He used the Sesame Street song "twelve" as his theme song. He has since retired (imcallingitquitswhileimahead.ytmnd.com).

A similar upvoter who is somewhat well-known is Pronoun. The whole "gimmick" behind his existence is that he is the opposite of Adverb. Like The Upvoter, he, too, acts as a superhero. He is also a member of La Liga de Cinco Estrellas.

Upkateers were a large group of upvoters who mimicked TheUpvoter by upvoting every site they found. However, in recent times, registered Upkateers halted their blind upvoting actions and settled down voting normally due to max's update to YTMND that removed blind voting.

See Also

  • Downvoter - the opposite of a upvoter.
  • Midvoter - A YTMND user who only (or mostly) votes 3 stars
  • Splitvoter - A YTMND user who only (or mostly) votes 1 or 5 stars