Unviewable YTMNDs

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There are YTMNDs that cannot be viewed at all, or can't be viewed that easily, due to Max replacing them with one of his own ideas or a user using the same domain as one of these ideas. They use the same domain issue as YTMND sites.

The Unviewable YTMND! - Site profile

This is actually viewable. By putting "WWW." before it, it can be viewed. Otherwise, users will be taken to Max's admin menu, which normal users can't do anything in.


Unless doing an action similar to http://admin.ytmnd.com, (http://www.www.ytmnd.com), this YTMND can't be viewed.

lol - Site Profile

It was to be known that it cannot be viewed at all. It would instead redirect to the YTMND Mosaic.

Thanks, Wikipedia. - Site Profile

This one can't be viewed at all either. It will redirect to YTMND Wiki.

This existed before the YTMND wiki was created.

YTMNDCNW: Random Wasn't Taken - Site Profile

This is also unviewable, no known way to get into it, just like the other two above. It will simply take you to a random site.


A completely blank YTMND where there cannot be votes or views. This YTMND points to advertisment site (Look into main site source), where only blank space is visible.

LOL - Site Profile

This site simply points to the YTMND forums.

< SITE WAS DELETED > - Site Profile

This doesn't even exist, but the site profile still exists?

,l==_________===____+-_=--_| - Site profile

This is actually viewable. FOR IE users If you fav it you will be able to see the image, other then that you see black and you cant click on the corner. But if you view it in mozilla it works right away with no fav.same with this ytmnd too.[1]

Formerly Unviewable

irc is for the gays. - Site Profile

Before YTMND IRC moved to EFnet, going to this site would have lead to an "Unable to connect" error.

To View a YTMND

Kayne cleverly discovered how to view a YTMND, but unfortunately not how to vote on it. The key to viewing it is putting a space before the domain name, http:// ads.ytmnd.com which translates into http://%20ads.ytmnd.com. This can only be done on Ads.ytmnd.com, and Content.ytmnd.com. It is discovered that doing the %20 glitch only works in Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. It has also been comfirmed that some users using Safari and Netscape learned that they can vote using those browsers.

And another way to view AND vote some of these YTMNDs has been leaked somewhere... it can view all except the domainless one and the random.ytmnd.com. Find out for yourself. It USED to be a secret until someone leaked it out.

There is another way to view, but not vote on any of the sites. It involves using the random site generator. Just put the Site profile number in the three number places at the end of the url. The sites would look like the following:







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