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Original YTMND:
Batman: Ualuealuealeuale
by MowtenDoo
September 9, 2005 (remake)
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

"Ualuealuealeuale" is the closest anyone has come to transcribing the chorus of El Chombo's song "Macarron Chacarron (feat. Andy's Val Gourmet)", in which the singer seeems to mumble incoherent gibberish. It became a fad when MowtenDoo created Batman: Ualuealuealeuale on September 9, 2005.

Fad Structure

The image of Adam West dancing as Batman from the TV series, as seen on Batman Gets His Groove On, had been a familiar staple on YTMND, but by shortening the animation to just have the closeup of Batman at the end and using "Macarron Chacarron", MowtenDoo made Batman look like a retarded man speaking complete nonsense. The success of the site easily inspired a fad of high-speed animations of people acting retarded and singing "ualuealuealeuale" or similarly bizarre lyrics.


Batman: Ualuealuealeuale (often known simply as "Batman") quickly became an intensely popular and controversial site. It was a constant fixture on the Top 15 as people circulated links to it around internet forums. As it approached 1 million views, YTMND users who hated the site refused to believe that the site's success was legitimate, and accused MowtenDoo of viewhacking. The controversy grew more tense when MowtenDoo retitled the site "The Picard Song" as a prank, which all but confirmed the charges of viewhacking in the eyes of the site's opponents.

As Batman threatened Picard Song's almost sacred status as the all-time most-viewed YTMND, the Batman vs. Picard rivalry became a fad in itself, with sites endorsing one or the other and chronicling the struggle for the top spot. Batman's unseating of Picard has earned the ualuealuealeuale the eternal emnity of many disgruntled Picard fans. Eventually, the ualuealuealeuale site was surpassed by the Blue Ball Machine as YTMND's most viewed site.

NARV Status

The fad often takes very little effort, as all it takes is an image of a person or thing moving around to be set to the music. Most ualuealuealeuale sites do not take in a high rating.