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Original YTMND:
The Actual Truth About Brian Peppers (sad story)
by grimaf
January 31, 2006
Worthy Spinoffs:
Used Music:

The "Truth about..." fad (not to be confused with the "Unfunny Truth" fad) uses a short movie to display 1-3 facts about various people. The fad started on January 31 with the site "The Actual Truth About Brian Peppers (sad story)".

The song choice for the fad was "Forever Rachel" from the RPG game "Final Fantasy VI". The song was included on Volume 11 of the YTMND Soundtrack, almost half-a-year after it's original use.


According to the site, the following 3 facts were pointed out:

  • He lives in a nursing home.
  • He is on a wheelchair and can not walk.
  • His only charges were that of groping a nurse.

Controversy spread almost immediately after the site was created. Many people felt sorry for Brian and deleted their sites. Others decided that they would use the new information for their own fads (such as Brian Peppers riding a wheelchair).

While the first two facts were true, the third fact was proven to be false as the Ohio state records showed that Brian Peppers did, in fact, molest a young girl, thereby making him a sexual predator. Others still believe that Peppers merely groped a nurse.

grimaf's site led to another fad involving a letter by Allen Peppers (see Brian Peppers).

As a fad, sites will mimic the original GIF used in the "Truth about Brian Peppers" site, listing 3 "facts" and featuring a message at the end saying "Please, leave him/her alone."

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