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Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
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Creator: miochza
Created on: June 20, 2005
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A parody on an episode of Oprah where Tom Cruise guest stars and acts like a crazy man over his new movie by editing in lightning effects and a soundclip from Star Wars: Episode III. Tom Cruise Kills Oprah has made its way to the Hall of Fame.

When lawyers on behalf of the religion Scientology sued YTMND for copyright infringement, the fad had a late installment in a mock-effort to appease the scientologists (

Some other popular Tom Cruise fads

  • Tom Cruise getting squirted by a water gun at during an interview on the red carpet.
  • Hobo-Cruise - a clip from the movie Minority Report where Cruise's character is pursuing a pair of eyeballs
  • Scientology
  • Needs Therapy - a clip from the movie Donnie Darko where Cruise's character is holding a knife in his hands in his house during a dark stormy night.
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