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{{iboriginal|dreamwithinadreamwithinadream|only a dream... OR WAS IT? (now w. music)}}
{{ibdate|June 2006|June 11, 2006}}
|title1=The Ultimate Bedside Surprise
|title2=Another bedside surprise
|title3=The Ultimate Trippy Bedside Surprise
|title4=The Ultimate Bedside..... what?!
|title5=The Ultimate Bedside Stapler
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_of_Darkness_%28film%29  Prince of Darkness] is a 1987 horror film directed and written by John Carpenter.  The movie is about a mysterious liquid that possesses a student in order to bring out the father of Satan.
The fad started out as part of the [[NEDM]] fad, but it did not get it's popular nickname until the next day when the user LocutusOfBorg created "The Ultimate Bedside Surprise".  The original scene featured a man tossing and turning in bed until he sees a monster sleeping right next to him, resulting in a scream.  The first site used [[Happy Cat]], but it wasn't until Locutus's site which showed the man awakening with the [[King]].  This started a fad that has yielded more than 50 different sites.  The fad takes the name of "bedside surprise" as given by LocutusOfBorg.
The current "Ultimate Bedside Surprise" currently has a rating of 4.57, making it one of the top rated sites on ytmnd.

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