The Great Troll Caper

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The Great Troll Caper (oftentimes stylized as "the great Troll Caper"), is a controversial group of YTMND trolls -- pilleater, therealdrewpickles, superdreamkilla, TheeBatman, DougFukkie, TwistedBarney, and JohnnyLurg. These trolls have collectively been responsible for "the great Spamming" of September 2010, the Every Fucking Day shock site, several troll gimmick accounts such as xj9 and nedminspector, and tons of notorious forced fads:

1) Eric the Vampire: contains a .gif of a fat Russian gamer falling out of his chair, followed by the emergence of Eric "Cullen" the Vampire, an obscure character who appeared in Jhonen Vasquez media such as "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #7," "I Feel Sick #1," and Invader Zim. 2) Randolph from CatDog: a .jpeg of Randolph Grant, a celebrity cat from CatDog accompanied with the song "After the Woo Comes the Who" from Danny Saucedo's 2007 album Drawings of Dinosaurs. Several later Troll Caper fads such as Mr. Bone and Nick Vermicelli are similar to Randolph. 3) Mr. Krabs: see the fad's article on this very wiki! 4) Brick Maldonado: like Prehistoric Dinosaur, Brick Maldonado is a parody of Moon Man. He stems from the 1997 video game LEGO Island, where he was known as the Brickster. From his creation in September 2009 to June 2010, he primarily talked about killing skaters, after which he talked about killing juggalos. 5) Melody Locust: One of the oldest Troll Caper fads along with Mr. Krabs. 6) Drew Pickles: Because three of the great Troll Caper's members, DougFukkie, TwistedBarney, and JohnnyLurg (a.k.a. LemonBarney and DrewDickles), are members of the Barney Bunch, naturally the BB's icon makes some appearances in the great Troll Caper sites. 7) AAAAAAAAAAAAAA: originally created by anystrom, it gained more prominence on YTMND when it was spammed by superdreamkilla. 8) Ron Paul: another fad often spammed by superdreamkilla.