The Daring Few

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The Daring Few is the nickname for the remaining users on YTMND who stuck around after the devastating "YTMND 2.0" disaster of 2010.

A Website On the Brink

YTMND had suffered a considerable loss in viewership after it's popularity peaked in 2006. Since then, it slowly declined in both user activity and original content. Most users who left cited a lack of humor, fresh ideas, and overall comradery in the community at large. Some blamed moderation, others blamed Dramatic Breakup Letter, but most simply threw their hands up in defeat. A small few were tragically trolled to death.

There was however, a glimmer of hope. Max Goldberg, founder and Grand Wizard of You're the Man Now Dog, promised that he would create a new Utopia of YTMND, grounded in a new philosophy of webenomics known by a select council of wise elders as "Web 2.0." The plebeian masses rejoiced at Max Goldberg's promise, and they danced and laughed in the streets, with grand imaginations of what tomorrow would bring. Their leader would bring about a glorious new dawn.

Max conjured up his black magic for months and months, sitting alone in his dark, unkempt apartment slowly withering away physically as he created his masterpiece. As the months turned to years, the users became less enthusiastic, and grew more and more impatient. Some claimed Max was not working at all, and that the glorious 2.0 would never arrive. Others claimed that Max sold YTMND to a group of venture capitalists in 2008, who were slowly turning the site into a homosexual dating service for rap music enthusiasts.

YTMND's userbase dwindled.

April 1st, 2010

On April Fool's day 2010, YTMND went down for hours. The few left sat and wondered what was going on, and talk among them quickly turned to that fateful promise that their beloved leader had given them years ago. The anticipation grew to a steamy, wet climax, as users from years-gone-by returned to marvel at the spectacle. Hearts quivered and legs tingled as the many users reloaded and reloaded the front page every few seconds. Finally the frames came into place, and YTMND 2.0 was revealed. There were few survivors.

The Few Survivors

Scientists claim that in the event of a nuclear holocaust, the only species to survive will be the cockroach. YTMND is living proof of this, as the devestation of YTMND 2.0 has left a small dystopian community of radioactive cockroaches who call themselves "The Daring Few."

List of The Daring Few