The Barney Bunch

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The Barney Bunch is one of the oldest trolling organizations on YTMND, with a long, glorious history and tradition of trolling YTMND. With the decline of YTMND beginning around 2008, they have mostly moved on to new grounds such as youtube where they now reside. Their mascots are Barney the purple dinosaur, Drew Pickles, and sometimes Ghey Carl Winslow or Ronald McDonald the Penis Clown. Their sense of humor is three parts scatological, and one part queercore.

Collectively they are responsible for hundreds of sites on several sites since their founding in 08/25/05. At Newsgrounds they were successful in getting the search terms "bb" and "barney" banned as search terms. On YTMND, they had most, but not all, of their sites deleted. Thus they may be best known for their comment spamming which largely still remains, as follows:

Hello my name is drew pickles and I have a massive c*ck. I love to stick my c*ck everywhere and cover things in cum, mostly the insides of male *ssh*les. However if there are no hot guy asses around for me to penetrate I will settle for lesser things like hot sandwiches and bottles of wine. If there are only women around then I guess I will f*ck them but only if I get to stick my dick through their pussy and out of their *ssh*le, which I am allowed to do because I am drew pickles and no one can resist

They maintain a website at

Membership includes, but is not limited to, SovietBarney, BarneyPoop, RetardedBarney, MangoBarney, BarneyBiotch, NaziBarney, JewberryStar, PsychoticStar, ItchyBarney, L, DiaperBarney, DevineBarney, AnalBarney, PenisBarney, Drewpicklesisagayfag, RavingHomoSexual_Barney, HappyBarney, Lord1Lonic, and DougFukkie. JohnnyLurg (a.k.a. DrewDickles) and superdreamkilla were formerly in the BB, but they got baleeted.