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{{iboriginal|tennisanyone|Tennis, Anyone?}}
{{ibdate|June 2005|June 1, 2005}}
<!-- {{ibspinoffs
|title1=Long title
|title2=Long title
|title3=Long title
|title4=Long title
|title5=Long title
}} -->
{{ibt|Used Music}}
{{ibm|Nightwish|[http://ytmnd.com/assets/e339a77f92b2bb9c9c9424fc90629754 Ghost Love Score]}}
The '''Tennis Man''' fad was a [[forced fad]] started in 2005.  {{ytmnduser|barenholtzd}} created the original, {{ytmnd|tennisanyone|Tennis, Anyone?}}, in June of that year, from a picture of [[User:MillionsV|MillionsV]] holding a tennis racket.
"Tennis, Anyone?" is among the first sites (and Tennis Man, among the first fads) to have used a loop of "Ghost Love Score", now often used as the theme of [[Epic Maneuver]] sites.

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