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(Remove example, because other templates are going byebye!)
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{{iboriginal|steamsteamlol|Lol Internet}}
{{ibdate|lbs|October 2001}}
|title=6th spinoff
{{ibt|Search topics}}
|{{search|future+conan|{{PAGENAME}} - Future Conan}}
{{ibt|Used Music}}

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This page should be deleted, but not just yet. The given reason is Use the new improved {{Fad infobox}} instead.

It's probably a unrelated fork from Wikipedia, or something that needs to be merged into something else. When the task is completed, or no change has happened with the article in a while, replace this notice with {{delete}}.

FLEXIBLE Info box about fads. "ibs" is the beginning, "ibe" is the end, "ib*" in between.

"ib*" templates are elements of the infobox and start with "|" or "!" and end with "|-"


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