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Info box about fads. This one differs from the original Fad infobox that it uses a 200px uploaded image instead of an external link. (you can choose to upload the background image or the preview), as well as captions.


{{Fad Infobox|name=
|original= (OR |example=}
|originalTitle= (OR |exampleTitle=)


  • name = Fad's name
  • img/image = The image. If you type img, it should be filename of an uploaded image (Image:file.jpg) (no other formatting, it will automatically render 200px wide). If you type image, it should be the preview of the image (for example http://content.ytmnd.com/content/a/9/0/a904c9eb269376020c39f84340a45743.jpg)
  • original = Subdomain (the first part) of the URL of the YTMND which started the fad (http://original.ytmnd.com)
  • spinoff1 - spinoff5 = Subdomain of the five high-rated spinoffs of this fad. And no, you can't post a 6th spinoff. (Please list ones with at least **** and 10,000 views if possible).
  • title1 - title5 = Names of the spinoffs