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Television-related Fads category

  • "Giggity Giggity"; Glenn Quagmire's (nonsensical) catchphrase from the cartoon "Family Guy", often used in similar situations as the ualaelaleale fad.
  • "Data just ran"; features an animated gif of Lieutenant Commander Data from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Data's Day running in place while the song "I Ran" plays in the background.
  • "They spinnin', nigga, they spinnin'!". Chris Rock's comedy skits, usually accompanied by an image of something spinning.
  • George Costanza! A gif of a shirtless George Costanza from Seinfeld shooting various items out of his nipples (usually milk), mainly accompanied by "Go Go Naruto" from the anime Naruto.
  • The More You Know, where little vox pop-style clips from celebrities are presented as public service announcements in the style of NBC's "The More You Know" PSAs.
  • Kirby explains..., a counterpart to "Sonic Sez", in which Kirby points at a blackboard with a pointer and explains what he has drawn. This is a scene taken from "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!", and originally had Kirby pointing a board filled with his random scribbles, and babbling on about a plan. His speech and/or his drawings are edited.
  • Nelson is an artist; a scene from The Simpsons where the character Nelson is drawing a random picture.
  • Riker watches...; Riker from Star Trek series is watching various things from his monitor. Usually he is smiling first, but frowns after watching something.
  • Worf watches or Worf is entertained by...; A scene where Worf from Star Trek series watches something weird to which Worf replies 'Hahahahaha...impossible!.
  • Bubb Rubb; from a TV station's report on whistle-tips in cars. Bubb Rubb (as he gave his name) was interviewed by the reporter and subsequently imitated how "the whistles go." Most sites consist of a Photoshopped picture of Rubb with part of his dialogue from the report in other musical contexts. One such site, "Zelda: The Bubb Rubb of Time," has rapidly risen in populatity to become the fourth-highest rated site ever.
  • Stretcher Fever; A common theme on the TV show in Australia, the AFL Footy Show, is that a clip of Garry Lyon is often played from after he broke his leg during a game of AFL. This site was created in "honour" of this clip, and gained massive popularity after the site was mentioned on the show, from 90 views in five days to 1,175 views in five minutes after it was mentioned.
  • V-dubs for under 17,000 Kind of a new fad, it doesn't have its own page yet. Its a parody of a television commercial where someone depressed about the ways of the world (usually someone on the left since they are marketing to the adbusters crowd), is speaking and cheers up when someone in a volkswagon drives by shouting "3 new v-dubs for under 17,000 woo-hoo!." The fad basically photoshops this into movie clips featuring people getting hit by cars.
  • Quiznos Bitch; Involves the Asian woman from the Quiznos prime rib on garlic bread commercial and her catchphrase "It's not lacking any meat, and that's what real women need!" followed by her odd laugh/giggle.
  • MoonMan This fad is based on MoonMan from the McDonald's commercial. The same gif image is used with a random sound clip. It is believed that "MoonMan can sing everything"
  • I Like Turtles; This fad involves an event that happened in the news.At a fair a news reporter asked 8 year old Johnathan.What he thinks about his face paint.He simply replied "I Like Turtles".As only an 8 year old zombie can.
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