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{{Fad Infobox 2|name=Teksoqp
{{Fad Infobox 2|name=Teksoqp
|exampletitle=The Drunk Un-Funny Truth
|exampletitle=The Drunk Un-Funny Truth

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The Drunk Un-Funny Truth
Other examples:

teksoqp is a fad based upon nonsensical, confusing, and redundant material. teksoqp YTMNDs often give the impression that the YTMND creator was in a inebriated state while making said YTMND. The original site was made on July 4, 2006 by State-of-mind as a spoof of the Unfunny Truth fad. His site uses the same eerie "The Rise of Satan" music and glowing font, but the slideshow shows complete gibberish instead of shocking information or internet sources. The final word in the clip was teksoqp. On July 5, 2006, Moheevi used the final image (of a lunch lady) of the original clip and combined it with a catchy song he wrote in teksoqp (NUDE MONKIES). This YTMND spawned a string of new ytmnds bearing the same name.


Common trends found within teksoqp sites made after State-of-mind's original are:

  • A grotesque picture of a lunch lady
  • A picture of a woman wearing a mustard costume
  • A digital music track credited to Moheevi

Also, teksoqp sites sometimes feature "NUDE MONKIES" in the text or title, or bottles of ketchup or mustard.

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