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this ytmnd has a lot of promise, but so far, most of these are pretty dumb. do not post YTMNDs with < 15k views and < *** Belgianrofliron

Belgianrofliron do not edit this wiki again, you are uninformed about the current state of "Forgot Poland" sites. Please check this site to understand: The old "Forgot Poland" fad is the one which you describe, it has almost nothing in common with the current fad. Many of its sites are unpopular among NARVs and people without a sense of humor due to their parody of YTMND. Sound is remixed in an extremely loud fashion, the image is purposely distorted, and as a running gag a site must beg for 5 star votes (or "vote 56"/"vote %!"). The common reaction to these sites causes them to not get more than 15k views and rarely more than 4 stars. BTape

ok. now that i look at that, yea, i realize im under-knowledgeable about the topic. apologies.Belgianrofliron

Belgian - no offense, but I've seen your registration date and I've seen your edits around here, and I'm not sure you're much of an authority yet on what a 'fad' is and isnt. It has nothing to do with site views, it has nothing to do with site score. Its simply a large number of sites created by a variety of unique users. The "MAAARRGE!!!!" sites based on that Youtube video for example, is a mini-fad on the way to full on fad level, even though few of them have many views, and they have not acheived acceptance by most of YTMND MasterSitsu

I just wanted to leave a note saying Good Job Guys, you have my support. I'd make an FPA site but it'd probably end up something you guys dont want it to be and next thing you know the NARVs will have turned it into NEDM II, which i dont think is your goal. is it?MasterSitsu

I've always been curious to see what a MasterSitsu Polend site would look like, but I always figured you get 300 PMs a day asking you to make a YTMND about (insert miscellaneous topic) so I never dared to ask. - Doomrock

Wait, doesn't this page seem a bit... Biased to you? I think so anyway. There's probably a lot of people out there that absolutely hate this fad. Gerkuman 12:42, September 6, 2006 (CDT)

First: It's not a fad. Second: I can understand why you feel that way about the article. People tend to not like them if they don't get it, or don't understand the story behind why these exist. However, people that hate noise sites can easily avoid Poland sites, they have indicators in the title that would tell anyone that's spent more than a day on YTMND that they don't want to click it. Besides, this isn't Wikipedia. Poland isn't going to call and complain. I don't know if that helps. - Doomrock

I dunno, we could always tell the Polend Forgetter's side of the story. They're probably foaming at the mouth anyway due to lack of Polend to the brain. BTape 15:19, September 11, 2006 (CDT)

Personally I think it's the lack of voting 5 that does it. HeatherChandler 15:44, September 13, 2006 (CDT)

Their side of the story is pretty much always something along the lines of "ear rape + poland = fail" which seems to be a popular comment. If we wrote that in I think it would undermine the article itself. - Doomrock 9/12/06

Anyone else notice that the Forgot Poland Tool Box Zip file is corrupted?